Enjoy American-style writing classes while on an island adventure!

Essay writing classes in the mornings, outdoor activities in the afternoons, and a competitive edge back at school and for the rest of your life. Join this unique 7-day English summer camp with a native speaking English and writing teacher and explore the island of Murter as you learn to write critically, clearly and convincingly.


The program includes:

  • 3 hours of essay writing classes in English with a native-speaking English teacher

  • 3 hours of outdoor activities (hiking, biking and kayaking) with professional guides

  • exercises and activities which encourage logical and critical thinking as well as creativity

  • time to relax, go swimming and hang out

  • accommodations and three meals a day

  • 24-hour supervision


At a glance

The 7-day English summer camp includes accommodations; 3 meals a day; 3 hours of writing classes per day Mon.-Fri.; 2-3-hour adventure tours Mon.-Fri.; 24-hour supervision; transportation to and from Zagreb or pickup/drop-off at Murter.



Students will go through the entire writing process—from collecting ideas to polishing well-structured texts—with short lectures, group discussions and activities, and independent writing.


Experienced English-speaking guides from Jamming Adventures will pick participants up and bring them back to the hotel after each 2-3-hour tour of the island and surrounding sea. Murter is a perfect destination for outdoor adventures!


We are staying in 2- to 3-bed rooms in private apartments located just 5 minutes from the beach and 15 minutes from town. Three meals a day are provided and all students have access to kitchens where they can store and prepare snacks.


Free airport, ferry and bus pick-up/drop-off is available for participants who arrive to Muter independently. Those traveling from Zagreb with the group will be picked up at the airport or met at the bus station for departure early in the morning on the first day of camp.

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Why writing?

Essays at school, university research papers, job applications…We all need to write clearly and effectively to achieve our goals. Further, writing develops critical thinking skills and creativity!

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Writing Instructor

My name is Jelena and I’m a bilingual Croatian-American with over 15 years of teaching experience. I hold an MA in Teaching English Language and Literature and am currently working on my MA in Teaching Writing at Johns Hopkins University. My mission is to bring American-style writing classes to European teenagers.

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