My name is Jelena and I’m a bilingual Croatian-American with over 15 years of teaching experience. I hold an MA in Teaching English Language and Literature and am currently working on my MA in Teaching Writing at Johns Hopkins University. My mission is to bring American-style writing classes to teenagers in Central Europe.

I run an English language program in Zagreb called Speak Up!konverzacijski tečaj engleskog jezika, where I teach writing to small groups of adults and teenagers in addition to running conversation classes. I write a language and communication blog for a leading Croatian daily paper, am co-author of a tongue-in-cheek book for tourists called Flirting in Croatian—A Vacationer’s Guide, and have written numerous texts for tourism websites and magazines, such as Croatia Week and Time Out Croatia.

Over the years I have taken many classes in beautiful locations around the world—documentary film in Cuba, mosaic art in Italy, and language classes in France, to name a few. I am thrilled to now myself be creating for others a unique experience combining learning with travel and adventure by creating this one-of-a-kind English summer camp in beautiful Central Dalmatia. Join me on this adventure!